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Lesaffre UK & Ireland

Lesaffre UK is the subsidiary of Lesaffre Group that was founded in 1853 and has now become a leader in the domain of bread-making yeasts, yeast extracts and bakery ingredients. The independent French family-run group has a presence on all five continents and works with over 9,000 employees.

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Lesaffre is also…

Yeasts & baking solutions

Lesaffre is a global reference in the field of yeast and bread-making.

• Saf Instant
• Livendo
• Inventis

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Food taste & pleasure

Yeasts also have a key role to play in the world of taste and pleasure in food.

• Biospringer
• Fermentis
• Ennolys

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Health care

Lesaffre has always been intent on serving the well-being of living things

• Phileo
• Lesaffre Human Care

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In the field of biotechnologies, Lesaffre develops efficient cellular nutrients.

• Procelys
• Leaf

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